Our angels

  • Zsofia Kende
    Zsofia Kende Executive Producer

    I simply love film making and I really feel  lucky to do what I am passionate about. I’ve been working in this industry since 1993, having produced more than 10 feature films, several music videos and photoshoots and countless commercials. My Mom always told me I’m a natural born Angel. I believe I’m at the right place to be a part of the Angel Team.

  • Aniko E. Kovacs
    Aniko E. Kovacs Managing Director

    I’ve been part of this amazing team since May 2014.
    Dealing with invoices, bank transfers, contracts, wrap books and lots of other exciting aspects of commercial productions fill my days.
    My motto: “ The only place on Earth where results are coming before work is the Dictionary… “

  • Eniko Palchuber
    Eniko Palchuber Associate Producer

    I’ve learned a lot at Angel, every day something new. With the best colleagues anyone could wish for, we laugh, we cry, but mostly laugh together. Budapest is full of secrets and magic, especially at night. So if you ask me, I might just take you on the pub crawl of your life.

  • Hajnalka Hajdú
    Hajnalka Hajdú Production Assistant

    I joined the Angel Office not so long ago, but I worked with the team for ages in a different position. It’s a very creative and happy crew. For me each day is a new adventure with them! I try to learn as much as possible and strengthen the team spirit the best I can.

  • Judit Deen
    Judit Deen Production Assistant

    I am a film lover. Someone who’d rather go to a concert than a club. Someone who would travel 5 hours just to see a great play and would travel 15 hours just to visit her dream festival. My favourite book is The Wizard of Oz. For me a morning run is the best way to start a day.

  • Zsolt Bendesch
    Zsolt Bendesch Production Assistant

    Many years I’ve been working with Angel Films, being mainly responsible for transportation and logistics. I love challenges.  Believing there are no impossible missions, I’m always open to something new. I’m highly motivated which is crucial in a real professional team.

  • Katalin Erkel
    Katalin Erkel Line Producer (freelancer)

    I love the way a piece of paper with a hand drawn storyboard turns into a live moving piece. The “way” is our work.

  • Endre Bagyarik (Edu)
    Endre Bagyarik (Edu) Location Scouter

    I learned photography, visual arts and graphic design, while having a strong desire to set design.
    Got close to film making, and founded the first Hungarian location scouting company more then 20 years ago.
    My passion, work and hobby is all the same: finding the best location or designing the perfect set for your picture!

  • Kyra & Lucrezia
    Kyra & Lucrezia Security

    Kyra is a Zen Buddhist with endless patience and love. Lucrezia, contrary to her name, is not brave at all. However, when it comes to security and protecting their humans, Kyra and Lucrezia are the true heroes of the team.