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Angel is not just our name, we really aim to surround our clients with an angelic crew giving them a sense of ease as they fly through the whole production process. We believe it’s equally important to provide them with the highest quality productions service along with joyful memories and little gifts to take home from this shared journeys of film making. Hard to describe our pride and happiness when our esteemed clients decide to bring another project to Angel Films.

Angel Films is providing its production services in the Central European region. You are welcome to meet us! Who wouldn’t desire to fly with Angels?

EU member since 2004 official candidate 2013 2004 official candidate
Capital Budapest Podgorica Zagreb Bratislava Belgrade
Population 10 million 0,6 million 4 million 5,5 million  7 million
Currency Forint (HUF) Euro (EUR) Kuna (HRK) Euro (EUR) Dinar (RSD)

The video standard used all across Europe is PAL and the electricity standard is 220 V/50Hz.

reasons to visit us: about the region

There is a large variety of architectural styles in Hungary, they easily double other European citie’s, famous landmarks.


non union, experienced, english speaking

You’ll find the widest variety of cast, with all ethnicities represented.


crew – non union, experienced, english speaking, etc…

The Crew is very experienced in their field and they communicate well in English. They also have a reputation for having good attitude and flexible working practices as well as accomplished technical skills. There are no unions, the crew mainly work as freelancers and they are hired for the given job by the Hungarian production service company/co-producer.


All the major equipments are available, including Arri (Alexa as well), Phantom, Red and Panavision. We offer technocrane, fighthead, 3D beam splitter, motion controll, drones, etc. In addition to regionally available equipment, driving in equipment from other European countries is a common practice. (There are no customs within EU countries).

  • Over the years I have filmed in over 55 different countries around the world. Working with Zsofia and shooting in Hungary was one of the most professional, pleasurable and cost efficient of all those experiences.

    John Garland previously: PE, JWT NY, present: John Garland Productions
  • Working with Angel Films has been a complete joy.The construction crews they provided have faced up to the challenges and demands of a tight schedule to produce sets that have been consistently well finished and always completed on budget.They accommodated some last minute changes with their customary helpfulness. I look forward working with Angel again soon.

    David Lee Production Designer
  • Tangrystan productions have on several occasions the last two years been in Budapest and worked with Angel Films.They are very professional and always delivers top quality. A nice crew to work with and they always go far to achieve the best results. We strongly recommend Angel Films.

    Gry Saetre, Beate Tangre Producers, Tangrystan
  • I produced a Captain Morgan's commercial in early 2012 for Todd Field/Smuggler and we used Angel as our service. The job was rife with your typical on-the-road insanity but the ladies of Angel made the experience a wonderful one. They are all great problem solvers and the job was a huge success. These ladies can handle a challenge and the proof is in the goulash!  Hope to see you all again soon!

    Drew Santarsiero Producer
  • In late 2014, I produced some ads for Jacobs Creek with Australian based production company Revolver. We assembled a US, Australian, Hungarian and Serbian crew  to shoot a series of short biographical films with the tennis player Novak Djokovic. With restricted access, we had no room for error and with the help of Zsofia and her team at Angel Films the shoot went like clockwork. Their capacity for hard work was matched only by their capacity to party at the end of a very successful shoot.

    Ian Iveson REVOLVER (Executive Producer)
  • I’ve been working with Angel Films two times till now and loved shooting with the Angel’s team. Both commercials had big studio sets, the Hungarian set construction was to the highest quality, professional, fast and very cost effective! Angel provides great service and they won’t let you leave the country without sampling some fine palinka - local spirit.

    Garfield Kempton RSA UK (Executive Producer)
  • Hi Zsofie and the team! From the beginning until the end, you guys were prompt and efficient. Our shoot was full of challenges and you showed amazing partnership with us. Your experience, solidity and humanity made our experience memorable. I hope we get a chance to work together soon!

    Emmanuelle Bérubé Les-Enfants / Producer
  • Angel Films is a slick, professional set up. They went above and beyond to look after us, and to make sure that production value showed on the screen. Plus, I still have very fond memories of the on set catering!

    Adrian Bosich Director - AIRBAG

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Rob Sanders
Jonathan Bensimon
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Aksel Hennie
Tim Godsall
Arto (Jappe) Paivinen
Keith Ehrlich
Robert Jitzmark
Michael Pfleghar
Janusz Kaminski
Arni & Kinski
Bjoern Ruhmann
Noam Murro
Bjoern Ruhmann
Clay Weiner
Andrea Eckerbom
David Lodge
Adam Bonke
Jonathan Notaro
Jacob Störm
Yoshida Daihachi
Sami Joensuu
Mans Herngren
Todd Field
Loni Peristere
Oskar Holmedal
Adrian Bosich
Gabi Brites

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Global Production Network

GPN represents a Universe of top-tier production service companies. Each GPN Network Company has been fully vetted and has a long standing history of providing quality production service to international clients. GPN works very closely with production companies to determine their location needs, production costs and talent requirements, buy out costs and ethnic diversity. Providing clients with professionals who are at the top of their game, financially solvent, ethically and morally responsible.

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Why film in Hungary?


 While making a film, I saw parts of the city, that tourists usually don’t. I love this country, I had such a wonderful experience here with my children.

 Angelina Jolie

The ageless architecture was phenomenal and the large variety of locations we recieved… I think it would have been a pretty different movie without being in Budapest.

Melissa Mccarthy

I love Budapest. I wish I was there right now! It was damn good in Pest, people are cute. I’m filled with good memories, I haven’t had so much fun on set in the past 10 years.

Jason Statham

Working and staying in Hungary was rewarding not only because of the helpful crew, but because of the architectural diversity of Budapest and the beautiful landscapes outside the city.

Viggo Mortensen

I think Budapest is one of the world’s biggest walking cities, and people are very nice. If this city had been in America, I would have definitely moved there.

Matt Damon

It’s such a diverting city! After we finished the shoot I had to come back for a reshoot and as the plane was landing it struck me, ‘I’m home’.

Anthony Hopkins

They are beautiful! I am fond of Budapest!

Robert Redford

I have great memories about Budapest, I loved living there. Budapest is a beautiful city, all my friends really loved it…

Robert Pattinson

I spent a beautiful week in Budapest, biked around the whole city. I was with my son, who asked me to come back here by all means. The city is simply amazing! And because I love the snow, I may have to come back in the winter too.

Hugh Jackmann

I’m amazed by Hungary, It’s such a superb country. The vineyards of Balaton, Eger and Szilvásvárad are splendid hotspots!

Gérard Depardieu

I would be really happy to have time again to walk in the city, sitting on the terraces, socializing with the beautiful Hungarian women and tasting the fantastic Hungarian wine.

Cristopher Lambert

Budapest is an incredibly efficient city when it comes to making movies. Everyone was fantastic in the studio, our technicians were wonderful, and always really friendly. Budapest did not become mainstream, like many large cities, where life is nothing but a non-stop pursuit mania.

Jeremy Irons

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